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~ Engineering Solutions for an Unstable World ~

Welcome to the world of Vickery Engineering & Consulting ('VEC') - a professional engineering firm specializing in the design and consulting of segmental retaining walls, reinforced slopes and permeable paver systems in the upper Midwest. Since our inception in early 2007, VEC has successfully completed more than 1000 projects, about half of which have been certified final designs. 

Why do we need retaining walls?  In most of the United States, the majority of the usable land has already been developed.  The remaining undeveloped land is not suitable for construction without significant site modifications.  The use of segmental retaining walls can significantly increase usable site space while reducing the amount of grading required, adding the strength of a beautiful structure designed to remain in place for many generations.   And, by using segmental retaining walls, which are naturally environmentally-friendly products, we can make this world more "green" and beautiful! 

Larger retaining walls are a structural system and need to be designed by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) to ensure lasting stability.  This is among the services VEC provides - creating innovative engineering solutions to make the world a bit more stable!  

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