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The VEC Story
As a child, Ron Vickery, PE (President/Principal Engineer), watched his father create beautiful and exact walls out of bricks.  In addition to his work as a brick and block layer, Ron's father loved to create things with his hands, including furniture, beautiful paintings, wood carvings and even the house Ron grew up in.  Ron grew up learning how to fix or build anything under the watchful eyes of his talented father.  Entering college, Ron knew he would follow in his father's footsteps in something related to construction.  Upon the advice of his dad, Ron decided to pursue civil engineering at the University of Minnesota. (Go Gophers!!!)

Fast forward 20 years... Ron spent 10 years training and working as a Geotechnical Engineer at two geotechnical consulting/materials testing firms in the Twin Cites, learning the intricacies of working with soil.  He then moved to one of the premier segmental retaining wall firms in the United States, analyzing and designing retaining wall systems as well as training other engineers, architects and contractors in the complexities of retaining walls.  After almost 10 years creating designs that held up earth all over the world, his position was eliminated.  That was a great transition point for Ron.  He had just begun a new life in a new house with his new blended family.  After a short job search surfaced the only viable retaining wall engineering position to be found over a thousand miles away, he and his new wife, Serra, embarked on the new adventure of VEC.  Contact Ron at or 952.465.8272. 

Serra Vickery, SPHR (CEO/Business Manager), has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Serra's business background in banking, human resources, training and senior management gave her just the right combination to be the financial and management backbone of a new small business. 
Contact Serra at or 952.994.7073. 
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